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Your health is one of your most valuable assets, invest in it.

I took a big hit this last week.  I am always talking about pushing through but every now and then, I have to take into consideration my age.  Spring chicken, I am not; and sometimes I'm a broken  bird.  Time to focus on my health instead of my goals.

Your health is everything.  Sometimes in our effort to succeed, we sacrifice our phsiological needs for our professional ones.  We push through heat to finish, we make an extra trip when we are tired, we skip a meal here and there and all of these choices take a toll.

This is when being more orgaized can be a huge help.  If you have a place to keep all of your show supplies, you don't need to ake extra trips.  Leave early so you have more time to set up.  Have a place to stay and extra night so you have ample time for tear down and take help that is offered.  

I am a friendly sort of person and I invest in those around me.  I believe that what goes around comes around and this last weekend was proof of that.  My neighbors were very sweet people and it was easy to do nice things for them.  Come tear down, it became clear that they were going to pay it back.  I didn't have to tear down alone.  Their assistance was so appreciated, and in the end; it kept me on the road.  

In close I'm going to offer these three places where we can invest in our health and our business.

1, organization keeps you from having to do extra work.  I was able to make a storage place for all of my display things.  Everything is there for me to just pack up.  That doesn't mean it is the perfect set up and pay attention to ways you can make it better.

2, invest in your resting place.  Don't stint on your accomidations.  A good nights sleep will set you up for success in so many ways.  So don't overdo on cocktails the night prior, you need to be at your best in the morning.

3, Help those around you.  We are all in this together and helping others makes it easier on everyone.  When we were tearing down; that couple that helped me, made sure I had a good spot to load my vehicle.  Another artist helped me load so that he could have my spot.  It wasn't needed because I was able to hold the parking spot next to me for him but he helped me get on the road faster anyway.

4, Invest in your medical care.  Don't stint on your doctors visits, make lists about what you want to discuss and be honest with yourself.  Stress is a killer and you need to make sure you are doing everything you can to help yourself be more efficient without sacrificing your own needs.

5, ask for help.  It never hurts to ask.  Some shows have student groups that are trying to raise money and you can hire one of them to help you.  Be kind and greatful to those who can assist.

6, schedule your shows so that you have the assistance you need and not the stress you don't.  Pick your shows carefully so that you can do it without killing yourself.

I wish you luck.