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               I sit and observe the world, I am an artist.

               When asked about her occupation T Kurtz responds, “I am an observer.”  T Kurtz has been “painting” her observations with soft pastel for the last 12 years but has been around the profession of art since the age of 6. "I paint moments that transport you to another place for your spirit.  You will never find a hero in my work because it isn’t about who but when.  I want my art to be pure. Pure in form and technique, in a clear moment.  I want people to enjoy and be willing to invite the calm moment that I capture into their environment.  As I have grown as an artist, my moments have become clearer, but the sense of peace has remained the same.  No story, no strife just a pure moment in nature."                              

               The daughter of a successful western sculptor, T has been a part of the professional art scene and was very reluctant to make the claim of professional.  It takes a lot of commitment and sacrifice to be a pro and making the claim before she was ready to do so felt like she was dishonoring the peers she was raised around.  It was important to her that she was ready to be all in and not half-hearted to the business end of it.

               Her observation started at that young age since she had access to artists like Oleg Stavrowsky, Ace Powel, Michael Gentry, Robert Krogel, Judy Fairley, and her own mother, Gabe Gabel.  Artists would sit and paint at their easels at shows and T would just stand and watch.  She also attended Washington State University to achieve a Fine Art Degree but would state that it was people practicing art that were her mentors.  To this day, she has people she describes as masters to guide her.  They have also asked her for guidance and that has brought awe inspiring moments.  Nothing makes her feel more stunned than having an artist who has been successful for years ask how she achieves a certain texture or depth to her subject.

               One of her favorite subjects is light, the way is plays across surfaces of many different subjects.  She started with trees and snow, soon she progressed to water and clouds and now also paints wildlife.  It is the contrast of lights and darks and how reflected light defines a surface.  It took a long time for her to learn the courage to lay deep dark colors along side the brights to define depth and contrast.  Because of her willingness to do so, many people are first caught thinking that her works are photos.  As they stand and study the pieces, they come to realize they are looking at paintings.

               T travels to shows across Washington, Montana, Idaho and down to Utah and Arizona.  Teaching classes in Idaho, she is working through several organizations around her to keep her public profile active.  She currently serves on the board of directors for the Spokane Art School where she was awarded a 6-month residency in 2018.

               “It is important that we continue to support the non-profits during this time.  We need these organizations to survive so they in turn can be there for us in the future.”  She is arranging to teach classes through The Jacc and helped other artists set up classes there as well.  T believes that while artists might compete for the collector’s dollar, professionals should be there for each other.  It is an example that was set by many of her peers and mentors through the years and how she chooses to live today.

               Her work is being shown at Misty Mt FurnitureTrails End Gallery and Spokane Gallery.  She is also an Associate member of The Women Artist of the West and Women Painters of Washington

               More information about T Kurtz can be found at her website;   https://www.tkurtz.com/ or you can contact by email at supert-rex@hotmail.com or through her Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/StarpointerImages


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T Kurtz lives a peaceful life in Spokane WA with her husband, 1 feline overlord with 2 feline underlings, and 2 faithful dogs.