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Having Hope in these difficult days

I am an eternal optimist. I am forever looking for the end of the rainbow, the silver lining in the rain clouds, the redemption in the story.  This month has been a bit of a challenge for me.  My injury, 98 degree temperatures at the last art show, continued high temps causing stress on me and everyone around (and firemen); all have caused me to be a little more tense than normal.  It has been difficult suffice to say, but I have been seeing good signs.
     I have sold quite a bit of art this month, suprisingly; and that always lifts my spirits.  I have been able to find help during my time of recovery.  I'd like to think that is because I don't let the frustrations break me down.  Nothing is ever as easy as it seems but I like helping people who are smiling despite the crap storm around them.  I guess others are the same.  I do know from personal experience that you can chase buyers away with personal complaints and I am going to take my sales as a signal that I am not whining too loudly.
     We like to be around cheerful people.  They lift up our spirits and we walk away feeling better having spent time with them.  In my display, I always try to wear a smile.  No one wants to look at art when the artist is crying in the corner, and you can talk people out of buying your work faster than you can into taking it home.  Think of a smile as a possitive asset, it helps create momentum in a constructive direction.  I like to make people laugh during my misery, they sometimes share theirs at the same time.  I think they are hoping that I can help them find something to laugh about as well.  A smile and laughter draw in folks like a moths to a flame and that creates connection.
     My injury is transitory, the rains will come (poor AZ) and winter will follow.  Don't let the difficulties keep you from seeing the positive side of things.  I have a friend in AZ who had the rainbow land right on his art studio.  Lucky guy, I guess he is going to have a fruitful year.  Remember, the key to being an artist is perseverance.  Michael Angelo painted a whole ceiling while laying on his back.  Not the most easy or comfortable thing to do, but he did it.  I'm not recommending you get your pallet and climb a ladder.  I am saying that if you can keep your eye on what you want to accomplish, you can achieve more things than you realize.  I've got to go, I am being blinded by the silver lining and am having a difficult time typing with the glare.