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2021 Show Schedual!!

(yes there are shows again)

June 18- September 3
Pend Orielle Arts Council Art Walk
Misty Mountain Furniture
502 Cedar st 
Sandpoint ID
(208) 265-4190

July 16 - Aug 30
A Woman and her Love of Light
Jacklin Arts and Cultural Center
405 N Williams st
Post Falls ID
(208) 457-8950

August 28, 29
CDA Studio Tour
guided tour offered through 
Coeur d A'lene  Arts Alliance
I will be on display at Jeff May's Studio

September 3,4,5,6
Sandpoint Studio Tour
My Personal Art Studio
232 Cowboy Way
Sagle ID

September 10, 11, 12
Boise Art in the Park
Julia Davis Park
Boise ID

October 9,10
Sedona Arts Festival
edona Red Rock High School
995 Upper Red Rock Loop Road
West Sedona
Sedona AZ

November 19,20,21
Custer Enterprises
Spokane Fair Grounds
Spokane WA












Now Open for In Person Studio Visits!
    Call to make an appointment today


One on one, in studio classes!!

For those of you interested in art instruction, I can take 2 students at a time in my studio.  We can social distance in my space, while I demonstrate and instruct.
Please contact me directly for information.


Spokane Art School Classes

Basic Impressionism using color blocking techniques.  Trying to be looser in your landscape renderings? Painting/drawing in an impressionistic manner is about capturing the shape of something and trusting the process. It isn’t easy to let go and sometimes it helps to have a friend.  Please come with the required supplies.
Consult the Dakota Pastel website for the list of acceptable soft pastel brands.  I will allow my students to use the limited pallet for a $30 fee per session.