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Winter is coming, time to button up your direction and stream line the process.

Winter is coming, time to button up.

My studio is a wreck.  I have 2 shows coming up and have been distributing artwork to other places for display in the coming months.  My framing table is buried beneath the general flotsam and jetsam that blows in with me.  Discarded paper, random packing materials and pieces in various levels of completion.  I went looking for a frame for a new piece and discovered that I needed more frames in my stock and I hadn’t realized I had used up so much of my supplies.

Now is the time for re-organization, except; I have no time.  My pastels are a disorganized mess ( I really hate that) and I am getting low on my pre-cut surfaces and I am wasting time searching.  Finally, The Holidays are coming and I AM NO READY!

Ok, step back; take a breath and stop.  Sometimes you need to stand still for a minute and just relax.  Stand in the middle of the wreckage and ground yourself.  Looking around at the chaos gives me a moment to see where my organizational planning has failed me.  This is the beginning of the time of organization and I can figure this out.

First, I realize that the two shows are the last for a few months.  That means I have time.  I get to make my own schedule and I know that December and January are down months.  Again I have time to organize and clean.  I also get the chance to decide how I want my next year to proceed. 

Second, I get to assess the shows I did last year and decide which ones I want to keep and ones I want to get rid of.  Of course, that is going to be interesting because several shows were still canceled and I am hoping they will go forward this year.

Third, I get to make art in the next 3 months.

Cleaning the studio always makes me inspired to make more work.  It gives me a chance to assess my materials and inventory.  When I can see my inventory, I can then see what needs to be replaced.  Winter can be considered a downtime, but it is the time for me to reorganize and create.  An opportunity to discover what direction I need to go in and what supplies I get to buy!  Spending money is always fun.

In the end, don’t let winter bring you down.  We aren’t bears; We are Artists!  Find your direction while you wait for spring.