...serenity in motion

Costs are rising, time to consider giving.

They predicted it, inflation is now a serious issue.  Bacon has gone up, gas is exhorbitant, heck even eggs cost more.  We were told that proping up our nation was going to come at a cost.  Now the bill comes due and we are all looking at the holidays and wondering what we are going to do.  I gave my time.  

I don't like to blow my own horn but I feel it is important to be the change I want to see.  I gave a couple hours again to a community support group.  I stood on concrete for two hours unfolding bags.  It didn't seem like much but we got the project done in those few moments.  We will meet again in a week for more work and it will be a bright light in my day.

There are always those who want things done a certain way, I was kinda one of those.  I also accepted that if it didn't go the way I wanted, I could be flexible.  It is more important that the job got done, rather than how I wanted to accomplish it.  It isn't about me, it is about the people who live around me.  There is a greater need for charity this year, so many people are affected by shortages.  Shortages of food, of childcare, money, heat, and just plain company.  How many people have you stopped visiting because you fear COVID?

We think twice about visiting our elders. They are valuable people and hold knowledge that we dare not loose but, by keeping them safe; we are running the risk of loosing them as well.  Remember a year ago how we visited people through windows, on zoom?  Maybe now is the time to do that again.  Leave a quick gift on the porch of cookies or a small handmade card and just take the time to visit with them.  The most valuable commodidty is our time.  We need to be seen and to see each other. 

Go without expectations, just go give a gift of your time.  You have a greater value than you realize.