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Assess, Assess, Assess and then Decide

I had a great opportunity that I tried.  Such an amazing place to be.  The people are warm and supportive, the space was professional and the location was prime.  The only thing they asked of me was an investment of time.  You would think that time is cheap wouldn't you.  A day here and there a month, some of your effort to commit to a job and it is easy.  It isn't as easy as it sounds.

I've been there for several months and I love it.  It is in a architechtural gem downtown in a prime location.  Plenty of tourist traffic and yet.... I feel like I am not an asset to them and this isn't working out for me.  It makes me sad, breaks my heart even; to consider leaving it all behind.  I have to take into consideration everything involved in giving an investment of time.

Someone once asked, "What do you give the most amazing person you know? Who is more mother than friend and inspired me so much?"  My response, "An investment of time."  When my teenage son would give me his undivided attention, it was a gift beyond price.  Even now, him taking the time to give me a call just to check on me makes me feel warm in a way that the most priceless gem would not.  I myself, get up every morning and spend at least a half hour with my mother.  I make her coffee, her fire, feed her dogs and sit with her.  Sometimes we read together, sometimes we talk but mostly I give her my time.

Here I sit in this amazing place and consider the value of time.  My investment in them, in the time it takes to arrive there and what time I have to take from other endeavors to fulfill my commitment.  In the end it is about being my best for me and for them.  What is the best I can give and are they getting it from me?  It doesn't matter if they deserve it or not because I should always work to be the best I can.  I deserve the best of myself and only doing something half-hearted is short changing me.  I have brought the the best that I can and worked the best way that I know how and I feel like it isn't the best of me for them or myself.

No matter what, you must always consider what your time is worth and how to make the most of it.  Learning to conserve your resources and allocating your efforts is an import part of business and life.  Push to hard to keep too many things going, and nothing gets your best and in fact you can short change everything including yourself.  I have pushed too hard and fallen flat on my face in a way that makes me shudder today.  Perhaps that is why I am so careful to asses where I invest my time.  In the end, if you can't give your best self in the time you commit; your time isn't being well spent.

"Legal tenders never gonna change the number of your days,  The highest cost of livings, dying; that's never gonna change.  Have it spent before you get the bill..... There's no time to kill."  Clint Black