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When you are having no sales at an event, it might actually be you. You in the wrong place that is.

Just because it is a great show, doesn’t mean it is the right place for you.

Sometimes, we do a show because it sounds like the perfect venue for your product.  That being said, you might be the greatest artist there but not in the right place to sell your work. I am a member of a facebook group where members ask a similar question all the time, “They sell the same thing as me but I’m not selling anything.”

Most of the time, if your display is not the caliber; you might not be seen.  That isn’t to say your display isn’t good enough, sometimes your display is too good.  Wait, What? Yes, if you are doing a popup neighborhood block market and the other displays are slapped together while you look like you have been doing it for a while, people might decide you are too expensive before even looking at your prices.  In the case above, the vendor’s prices were comparable, but they looked more expensive.  No one was shopping at the display.

The same can be said if you are an anomaly at a show.  I went to a Fairy Faire and most of the displays sold crystals, wings, wands and crafts.  In the middle was this Anderson Window guy.  Man hadn’t gotten a single bite all day.  I think I was the second person to stop and talk to him, the first being the organizer.  He was out of place and it didn’t matter that the people who were there had homes.  Everyone who came wanted to do fantasy things not mundane ones.  I saw that happen at a renaissance faire as well, a local radio station paid for a booth and set up.  Because it interfered with the vision of the people attending, no one even looked at them.

Consider your proposed venue, can you find out who else is coming?  What is the price point? Can you ask? Who is the organizer, can you find out the events they have done before? Where is going to be held?  Chances are, if it is a one-time event in a auto dealership parking lot; it might not be for you.  If you have never set up your display before and need to work out the bugs, it might be perfect. Don’t have high expectations for it however.  You want to stand out from the herd, but you don’t want to be an anomaly that people turn away from.

Best bet, look for shows that have artists you admire and have seen before.  I follow several artists that do shows I want to get into.  I know if they are there, it should be my kind of event.  Consider this, It isn’t about creating for the market but finding the market for what you create. Good luck and keep the faith.