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Aren't You Excited? I will be when the time is right

I get asked that a lot.  Whether it is about a show or a trip people are excited for me.  They tend to be upset when I have a rather blase' expression on my face.  Truth is when it comes to trips, I don't get excited until the second day when I wake up to different scenery.  It is hard to explain but when you travel a lot, the first day is always a bit of a bore.  Not to say that is bad.  Given my lifetime of experience, boring is best.  Still, driving into a sunrise the second day of travel always lifts my spirits.  Crossing rivers edged with a new plant texture glowing with soft bright greens creates a pule rising that cheers my creative soul.

It is the same with shows.  Nothing like the jaded expression on my face when a young show promoter chirps an excited greeting at set up. "Are you excited about the show?"  Which one?  Oh! This one?  Nope, I'll be excited when it opens and the people are here.

Excitement before the work is done has always cost me.  I forget important details or necessary items that are useful on the road or during the show.  It is best if I am calm and focused before.  I can be excited later when I'm not trying to put fires such as; discovering you left the garage door open, and you are 500 miles away.

What is my point? Just because I don't have my game face on, doesn't mean I haven't shown up.  Never fear, the excited puppy is waiting to be let out of the kennel when the time is right.  Let's get the work out of the way first.