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Pond Rippling and being out there

I have been writing this blog and doing my art for several years.  While I sell my art, which is very gratifying; I didn’t know how many people actually read my blog.  At a recent artshow, someone came up to me and claimed to be a facebook stalker.  I’m pretty sure she meant a fan but, it was cute.  She then went on to tell me that she read my blogs. “yep, you are a stalker.” I said.  I was actually very pleased and I told her so.  Every once in a while, I run into someone who says they have read these small little posts.  It always pleases me but I had 2 people this month and others speak up who told me that they got something out of my blogs.  I really want to thank you all for reading these but also point out;

Nothing you do is ever wasted.

Think about that; like ripples on a pond, everything you do reaches someone.  No effort is worthless.  We are having a desperate problem in this country today (well several, lets be honest) but one is how we tend to feel alone and isolated. Our world has gotten larger with social media but our personal interaction has narrowed because of it.  We don’t need to get out as much since we are in constant contact with our Dick Tracy watches and phones. 

Don’t confuse social media with real interaction, not when it comes to mental health.  If I hadn’t been out in the world being physically social, I wouldn’t have known how my blog is getting read.  I wouldn’t see how people react to my art.  I wouldn’t truly appreciate how special everyday people are and that they are following me.

People say doing art is a solitary thing but it doesn’t have to be.  While I might be a professional, I am a member of several art groups.  It started out as a way to find connections to sell but it has become more.  Now I have friends who do art with me.  Here in Spokane, we have a group called RAFFA.  River Ridge Association of Fine Arts and while we meet once a month; 4th Wednesday every month, we also get together for “Painting with Friends” at Spokane Art Supply every Tuesday from 10-12.  Not everyone comes but enough of us do that it makes doing art social and a delight.  We lift each other up and help each other out.

What am I saying?  Professional or amateur, find people to play with and get out of the house.  Unplug and join in, you never know what you might discover.

Keep Creating!