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What makes you happy?

I have dealt with depression for most of my life.  My father suffered from it so did his mother, and as time went on; I ended up burdened by it.  I was very lucky and have found successful ways to manage it.  The key to it is self-management, monitoring your moods and recognizing when you are susceptible to suffering from it.

One of my keys is to realize what is causing my unhappiness and deciding how to adjust my life to remove the cause.  Sometimes; it isn’t very practical to hop a jumbo jet and slide down to sunnier climes but there are other alternatives.  Winter here in North Idaho is difficult because we don’t see the sun very often, if ever.  Which is why I am sitting here at my computer with a borrowed “daylight”.  Not as nice as the sun in Puerto Rico but it helps to get me by.

What ever the reason for your blue mood, remember; you own your life and the choices you make.  To quote Stella from Silverado, “Life is what you make of it friend.  If it doesn’t fit, make alterations.” Sometimes huge adjustments aren’t feasible, so just small vacations from your normal routine are helpful. Whichever works; take ownership of your life, and make yourself happy.

Of course, don’t go out and empty your checking account buying things to make you happy in the moment.  The high doesn’t last long enough to balance out the let down when the bills come in.  If you are me, that means 3 or 4 small sets of pastels ($100) instead of the whole set from each brand (well over 10K). I know there are several of us that buy guns, shoes, purses, tools and art supplies. 

I have a phone tree that I activate to prevent my frivolous spending.  Those of you who answer the phone when I call, Thank you (That is where the borrowed day-light came from).  What ever you need to do, be honest with yourself and recognize that even if you think you are being self-centered, your feelings are valid.  Take the time to consider what is making you unhappy before you decide what will make you happy.  Trust me, if you just make yourself happy first; you will have a room full of art supplies (like me) and depression from an empty account.

I’m gonna go make some phone calls and put a limit on my pastel collection.  Good luck.