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Mentors, value them

Never turn down new information;

I was doing a show recently and an artist gave me a call and said, "Call me about anything you want to know about the business."  I have been in the business since I was 6 years old but, like Mr Miagi said, "Someone always knows more Karate" Someone always knows more than I do.  I was extremely grateful and have since called him for some advice. I hadn't spoken to him for over 4 or 5 months but he was very helpful and now I have a huge project to work on.

We have these active mentors that come into our life and if we are smart, we grab on to them with both hands.  Sometimes, we don't recognise the gem in front of us when they offer help.  If we are lucky, we are able to wring direction and possibilities out of them.  

Never, ever forget to thank them for not only their information but also, their investment of time.  Professional people work to wring every opportunity out of every single moment of the day.  They are turning from their business to help you.  They deserve the respect of your full attention and real gratitude.  Never forget it doesn't matter if they are your Aunt or a new friend, thank them for every bit of advice they give you.  It doesn't matter if you can use it all or not, sometimes; you are meant to pass it on to someone else who needs to hear it.

I hope you are given the chance to have that kind of help.  I am grateful every day I turn on the computer, it is because of help from them; I am here now.