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Visiting eyes, new perspectives

Well, I went and messed up today.  I thought today was Saturday and I was going to get my blog done bright and early.  Guess what?  It is Sunday!   Labor day messes me up that way.  I loose track of days because I still have one more day of the weekend.  Here I am, It’s 4 o’clock on Sunday and I am a day late.

It has been an interesting weekend,  I am doing another studio tour but this time in my studio.  People have wandered in and out and I have been enjoying the visits.  Seeing my art through their eyes is always gratifying.  Pieces I thought weren’t successful, are being admired and ones I loved; well lets just say they are being ignored.  I learn a lot this way.

I’m going to keep a lot of my art up on my walls here.  I hadn’t hung anything up because I took the place over from other creators and I hadn’t gotten around to pulling their stuff down.  Now this place looks like I create here.  I will pull some of it down, I have to do a few shows in the near future.  What I have realized is how much inventory I have.  I will be pulling some art from shows hanging now; they will be closing tomorrow.  All that work will be coming here.

I wanted to create 104 pieces a year, that is 2 pieces a week.  Maybe I’ll just relax for a while and do one a week for a bit, maybe only 2 a month for a while.  We’ll see, I’ve gotten into the habit of creating art.  It does mean if someone wanted to come into the studio and look around, I will probably give you a discount for going the distance after this week.