...serenity in motion

Possibilities and opportunities, keep walking in the rain and move forward.



The rain came down today. I’m doing an outdoor artshow, in high dessert; so people aren’t complaining too much. Of course, not many of them here to do so. We keep dropping the sidewalls on the display to protect the art on display. 


I remember a documentary once on breeding race horses and they talked about a saying they had. Breed the best, to the best and hope for the best. Art shows are similar except it’s prepare for the worst and hope for the best. With that in mind, I have 65lbs of weight on each corner and a 75lb weight holding things down in the middle fir the night. It never hurts to hedge your bets. 


This is a profession of endurance, not a race for speed. Even if you have an overnight success, it could all melt away in the light of the next day. 


You know you have become a pro when you are no longer discouraged at not being a complete success, and willing to work towards the next show. Professionals look for new opportunities and try hard to make their own roads to success. We try to build on our possibilities and take steps to do so. 


Today, I will unwrap my display and talk to people as they come. Each day is a chance to do better, to build another layer of success. With any luck; and a lot of work, this will be weekend of possibilities. I hope to see you there in the morning but if not, there is always the next show.