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Showing up, The first step to any success

I am looking at the end of a weird season.  Covid has changed so many things, made us all flinchy and here we are at the end of the summer looking at another year of uncertainty.  Why add to the chaos?

Nothing will happen for anyone, there won't be many possitives in our lives; if we stay hidden and don't come out of hiding.  I'm not talking about pulling yourself off of a sick bed, or forcing a healing situation (I recently learned about pushing when you shouldn't.)  I am talking about honoring your commitment and being where you said you would, despite your misgivings.

I am currently set up at an amazing studio in Athol ID, with Gabe Gabel and Jeff May.  It is the last stop in a tour bus trip and we are hoping others will drive to see us.  Jeff May had his whole studio burn to the ground a few years ago.  He lost all of his tools, 99% of his inventory and possibly a barn cat or two.  He rebuilt because this is what he wants to do.  The new building/studio is incredible and lovely to behold but it is there in part because everyone showed up.  He was shocked and deeply touched when the community showed up to help him in crisis.

You don't have to be an artist to do something great.  Small acts can be just as important as the big ones.  The most touching thing anyone can do, is commit the time to be there.  If you tell someone you are going to help, just go.  They may or may not really need you but it is the act of giving the time to them that might just push them out of dispare to hope or even joy.

Just show up.  Come and be a body in an empty space.  Fill the void with humor and a smile and just maybe, if you are an artist like me; you might make a sale.  In the end, lets not let Covid rob us of each other.  Mask up if you want to, vaccinate if you can but be a warm presence to add to the possitives in a day.  If you happen to have free time today, come do the Coeur d'Alene Artist Studio Tour.  We have pre-wrapped chesses and Cookies! We are number 15 on the tour stops.