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Plein air adventures day 1

The rabbit hole of getting lost; or getting lost going down the rabbit hole?

Plein Air Day 1.jpg

I and my intrepid plein air adventurers numbering 3 took a trip to start learning to paint outside.  You have to start sometime and while I did it several years ago (which I have no memory of, sorry guys), I don’t really know what I am doing.  Gratefully, 2 friends were willing to go with me on my journey.

We decided to start at Maryhill Stonehenge because that is what I decreed.  I have never been there and felt that it would provide plenty of artistic fodder for us to feed on.  With my heart in my mouth, we all headed into the unknown and found ourselves leaning against the sun warmed blocks that formed the henge.  Blustery wind did not deter us, the views were too great.  We set up our plein air equipment and furiously worked away.

After about 3 hours, rain chased us away but we felt very satisfied with our endeavors.  We will return!  In the interim, we have gained some amazing material and beginning know how of what equipment we have and what we might need.  Pack a lunch, no one wants to take down and set up again for sustenance. Dress for the weather and pray it doesn’t rain.  For the rest, be patient, go slow and be brave.

On the drive back to our Air bnb, we got lost and found some amazing views.  Or, did we get lost because we were looking at amazing views.  15 miles down the wrong road, we all realized we were ignoring our gps and needed to turn around.  Too much to see, oh well.  As Quigley said, "Don't know where we're going but there is no use in being late."  We found our way home, I just hope we can figure out how to find our way back to where we got lost!. I want to thank The Washington State Arts Commision for funding this and the National Endowments for the Arts. without whom; this adventure would not be possible.2018-Horizontal-Logo-with-url2.jpg