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Plein air adventures day 2, Mary Hill State Park

Plein Air Adventures, Day 2, Mary Hill State Park.

Mary hill state park 1.jpg We went to the bottom of the canyon today as we felt a bit chilled and windblown from the day before. There is an amazing state park across the river from Biggs Junction and we wandered through it until we found a calm sun warmed area that fit our needs.  We still wanted the views of the canyon, but didn't want to fight the wind.  One of our intrepid adventurers had been painting and holding her easel at the same time while trying to balance her pastels.  Not the most inspiring thing to deal with when you are trying to paint.  She ended up being the first one to sit on the ground and paint.  Sometimes it is the simplest of solutions.  

The biggest problem we all are facing today is the vastness of the vistas in front of us.  Finding one thing to paint and capture on our surfaces is difficult to do.  I worked on a thumbnail sketch but found even after that, I lost myself in the details and then lost my way in the subject.  I am hoping that the difficulties of today, resolve themselves into solutions tomorrow.2018-Horizontal-Logo-with-url2.jpg

I again, I want to thank The Washington State Arts Commision for funding this and the National Endowments for the Arts.  I am working hard to use this opportunity to it's fullest.