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Finnegan, Begin again

Finnegan, Begin Again

There was a movie that Robert Preston did near the very end of his career called Finnegan, Begin Again.  It was about a man who was past his prime in his career and started over.  Sometimes, when following an artist; you see their style or focus change.  Who knows what influences that but it happens and generally, it brings new life and vitality into their body of work. That is a little of what I am doing this week.  I applied for and was awarded a grant to work on my art practice and I and two explorers are going to go down the rabbit hole together.

I am starting a Plein Air journey, meaning; I am going to go out into the open spaces and paint.  Many artists do this and it isn’t like this is a new thing for artists, it is merely a new thing for me.  I have my pastels packed up (not even close to a quarter of what I have), my easel is folded, suitcase is filled and a bunch of other stuff by the door.

It’s snowing, not a cute couple of snowflakes but big wet soggy bastards that turned the world white.  Nature is telling me, “it ain’t always going to be pretty, suck it up buttercup!”  I guess I am packing my fingerless gloves.  Plein air is about adapting and finding the pretty in real life.  I have always been that way though, finding the silver lining that is; so I will load up and head out.

Wish me luck!