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One step method and fulfilling obligations

One step method to getting things accomplished.

I have started a big project, well actually 3.  The first is taking a dirty loafing shed filled with junk and turning it into a secure storage.  The second is a 32x40” painting of rocks under water.  The third,  potty training a corgi puppy.  All seemed pretty straight forward but I am finding each to be a little bit more than I was expecting. 

The shed, 1) hire teenagers to clean it out, 2) hire a contractor to do the concrete on the floor and build a wall with a locking door.  Step one started out pretty easy, save the fact that my mother wanted to go through everything and decide what needed to be done with it all.  I still have a pile of stuff outside the shed waiting on a final decision.  Taking things to the dump ended up with a mess in the back of my pretty car (spills).  Oh well. Step 2, well I am hiring a man who is keeping an eye on the bottom line for me so he is giving me jobs to do on my own project.  Believe me, I am grateful.  I am even more grateful for the friend with the tractor time.  We ended up digging out 8” of clay and then back filling with gravel.  God bless the makers of Aleve!

The painting? It is complicated.  It is on a surface that is slightly different than my normal sub straight.  I use suede mat to draw on and this one is super fuzzy.  Laying in the base colors is taking longer because I have to do more layers and will need to spray.  Fixing 32x40 is a lot of air borne chemicals, I have to leave the studio a lot.

The Corgi? Get up each morning at 5 and walk the dog (my husband leaves for work then so the puppy is awake too).  Feed the puppy, walk him.  He is sniffing around, walk him.  He wakes from a nap, walk him…..

All are turning into more daunting projects than expected but I am reminded to take all new experiences, one step at a time.  Don’t dwell on everything that needs to be done, just focus on the task at hand.  Be patient and complete This Task to the best of your ability.  This task is the base for the next and if you cut corners, it will undermine your finished project.  Invest focus on each step, the final project will be worth it in the end.

I have obligations that I need to meet at the same time and that means stepping away from all of the projects.  That’s alright, I find meeting my obligations give me structure and keep me grounded when I am working something that undermines my confidence.  Another thing that helps? Rewards.  My puppy is teaching me that.  Never forget to reward yourself for a job well done.  He gets training treats, I get chocolate and alcohol.  You choose what is good for you but remember, even if you are doing this for yourself; you get to give yourself attaboys.

One step at a time, remember your obligations and don’t ever forget the attaboys.