...serenity in motion

Don’t over think it, just be yourself.

     It is in our nature to seek approval; for security, for clues, for direction. We look towards others to see how we are received and hope that we are successful in getting our message or product in front of people who will invest in us. When we work for acceptance, we can loose sight of what we are trying to achieve. 

     Artists who chase sales by catering to the buying public can alter their products to the point that the original creative identity is lost. Time and time again, we have seen companies alter their product to meet what marketing anylists tell them will be a successful re-launch. Remember New Coke?

     When I took my marketing class (MAP), our instructor told us to seek our market not cater to the one we are in. By seeking a market for what we create, we stay true to ourselves and can maintain the endurance to produce a consistent product for a longer period of time. When we do that, our design originality becomes more solid helping us create a more recognizable style or "Brand".

     In this time of struggle, don't be seduced by the quick market buck you get when following trends. You might get bored and burn out and loose traction with your true buyers who are loyal collectors. They can help bring more people to you because they know and trust the style of your true self. When you chase market trends you can leave them behind. 
     Trust yourself, have faith in your product and do the research to find new sales arenas. I won't say it isn't scary, but the rewards of a consistent following will be worth it in the end.