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Getting a new tool in your toolbox.

Getting your hands on a new tool for your tool box.

I teach classes, that is to say; I teach others what I think I know how to do.  Sometimes, I am teaching a class and I am moved to tell a student that I don’t think I have anything they need to learn.  They are already very good.  I have learned something new today, I was wrong.

A professional artist came to me for a class.  She wanted to understand something I did, find a new way to do something.  I really respect this artist, she is amazing and I was honored to do this for her.  I have a couple standard classes I teach, Basic Impressionism Using Color Blocking Techniques and Underpainting for Drama.  She wanted the Color Blocking class and so I set her up in my studio and we went to work.  She worked steadily for 3 hours and told me she learned a lot.  In the end she said, “It is like grabbing any spare tool you can for your tool box.  Learning a new way of doing something is like gaining that new tool.”

I like what I do, but I must admit there are some classes I still want to take.  I want to learn new things, one of them is plein aire.  I have signed up for a workshop this fall.  Does that mean I don’t know what I am doing or doubt myself?  No, but I agree; it is always smart to add new tools. 

There is always a chance that trying something new will change my style or direction but artists to evolve as they have careers. The longer their careers are, the more their work changes.  That isn’t a bad thing, it is a matter of a learning thing.  We grow, and we should embrace change.  I am going to keep learning, and the next time I see someone who is very good in my class; I am going to clarify what they want to learn.  They are there to learn something I do, I am honored.  I will give them my best for the compliment.