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I get by with a little help from my friends.

I think the Beatles were magical people, the band that is.  All you need is love, I get by with a little help from my friends, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band…  The biggest key is love and friends.  I am doing this small spectacular show in an amazing location and one of my friends came with me.  I have a suspicion that she came because of the destination but still, she has paid for meals and helped me set up, she has even done half of the driving.

As we were checking into the Air bnb, we met the people who will be staying above us.  They promise to be quiet, ply us with wine and go to bed early; my kind of people.  Now, someone once said, “I figure that if you treat everyone like they are going to be your friend, you will make them that way.”  I am paraphrasing but I think the logic is sound.  I run around following this loosely quoted philosophy.  I am almost like a friendly Labrador retriever; I just act like everyone is going to like me and most tend to be friendly. 

I also do random acts of helpfulness; I figure we can all use a helping hand.  Sometimes, people tell me to leave things alone; They have their boundaries and I can respect that.  Mostly though, I get a new friend type person in my life.  Doing shows and traveling, it doesn’t hurt to be friendly and helpful.  Last show I did, I needed more help than I felt I had given.  My neighbors didn’t see it that way and were very kind to me.

My other philosophy is be the kind of person you want to find in the world.  Listen without judgement, don’t offer solutions unless they ask for advice.  Always thank people for small kindnesses as much and as often as you do for the big ones.  It is important that you notice and acknowledge the nice things that people do.  We need to see each other and recognize we are living on the surface with others.  Take a moment to look for small kindnesses that need doing.  I can remember others saying, “why should I, no one is going to do it for me.”  Thus my philosophy.  The world isn’t ever going to be the place we want it to be unless we are the change that needs to happen.  Small steps though, we don’t need big demonstrations.  It needs to be easy for everyone to do.  If you take anything away from this blog today, take this; I charge you to do one random (small) act of kindness.  Just one.  I need to figure out something small to do for Henry and his friends, maybe coffee in the morning.  Have a wonderful week.