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What is the secret to our failure

We talk in awed tones of "the secret to success" but what if, it is more recognizing the secret to our failure?  What if; just bear with me, we knew whe we were sabotaging our success?  I have been chasing bigger art shows recently.  They are farther away in more prestigious places.  I'll admit; COVID isn't hellping, but I am on the list for some interesting destinations.  One of the places I'm going to is really promoting the artists they have invited on Facebook.  I commented to someone that I was getting pretty intimidated.  I was told in no uncertain terms I had no reason to be.

One of my local peers posted a piece he had done on Facebook and I was amazed by what he hd done.  Not because I didn't think he could do such an incredible piece, but because we run in the same artistic circles.  Why am I going to this show and not him?  Because I applied.  I don't know if he has ever applied or not but he certainly belongs there.  If for no other reason than they accepted me.

Why is it that some really amazing talent stays hidden in the shadows and never makes it out to the light of success?  Some sabotage themselves with risky social behavior, others take rejection personally and never keep knocking on the door.  There are those who just don't want to invest the time and money in larger and farther away venues.  They just don't want to take the chance that they will come home with nothing to show for it.  

When an artist is sitting in the dark studio at the end of their life, do they look back on the chances they didn't take, the things they said?  Why wait until the twighlight of your career to do that?  Look now, try to understand what you want from your art and your business.  If you don't want a business, just a hobby; that is fine.  At least take the time to think about it.  You can be a Davinci that just paints for the joy of it.  You can decide if you just want a hobby.  I urge you to decide now, and think about mistakes you might have made on your journey to get where you want to be artistically.  Good luck!