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Creating art collectors for the future.

Over and over I hear, "I love your work but I have no place to hang it."  Pish.  Do you have kids?  "They don't like the art I collect."  I bet they like one or two of your pieces but have been told over and over that it isn't your favorite.  Our children, wether or not it is about approval or just keeping the peace; won't tell you they like what you don't.  So here is an idea, tell them to take one painting off your walls and take it home.  It doesn't matter if it is your favorite or not, just let them take it.  Don't act dissapointed, instead; encourage them to be proud of their choice.  You will raise art collectors that way and gain a free space on your wall.

Take your work down and switch it around.  Make new groupings of your collection, have some friends over to help and get their opinion of what you have.  You don't have to agree, but the interaction is fun.  If you have some small pieces that someone admires, gift it.  Art should be shared and again, an empty space on your wall.  Some times, our friends don't know how to collect art and just need that first one to get them hooked. 

What was your first piece? Where did you get it from?  What is the story behind it?  My aunt has an amazing art collection.  You should see her walls, they are interesting groupings all over the place and they don't all match but the vignette they create is charming.  Each piece has a story and all together, it is a tapestry of memories.  She has also moved and put some aside to offer to friends and family.  When someone takes a piece, she tells them the story so that they can enjoy the memories as well (That is provenance, a documented history that helps maintain the value.)  

Ultimately, it is about teaching everyone around you about the value of your collection.  I have heard stories of people dying and their whole house is auctioned off, donated to a thrift store or even worse; taken to the dump.  If no one around you understands the value of what you have, or even the history of it; you run the risk of it all being destroyed through ignorance or apathy.  Why do you think people find priceless pieces for next to nothing? It's fine if you wish to seed the world with treasures for the hunt but lets not let our children trash our collection.