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How's your two step?

How’s your two step?

One of the things that the pandemic has taught us, let’s be flexible and seek solutions outside of the box.  I was trying to be a part of a zoom meeting last night (wifi in the woods is iffy at times) and the gallery owners were discussing how they had to try new things to stay afloat.  They had successfully navigated through the worst of it all but each had a story about how they changed their business plans to find new buyers.  They moved their investing dollars from one direction to rebuild their websites and focus on web sales. 

I am meeting a couple of artists this morning who are looking at new ways to market themselves as well.  I have talked about how sales techniques of the 80’s no longer work these days but it is getting even more challenging.  Sales techniques of 2005, are no longer viable these days. Gas prices and recession issues looming over our heads make it difficult for us to expect to make huge sales these days.  One of my friends, has multiple hours invested in each piece.  In order to stay in business, she is looking at all of her hours she wants to put into a new big piece; being used just to pay her bills.  What do we do in these times? How do we find new ideas that give us the creative freedom we want, and pay our bills at the same time?

Phone a friend, network for ideas and new markets; we are all in this together.  This is not the business for ultimatums, sometimes you need to change direction and back track.  I myself find I’m in places I didn’t think I would ever be in again.  When trying old things, try changing your mind set.  Check your attitude and don’t let yourself get bogged down in frustration.  Each choice, whether new or old ideas; can be adjusted with a new perspective.  Pay attention to your mindset, and work on letting yourself have a hopeful outlook on your current situation.  Having hope isn’t the minefield that people worry about. It’s also a good time to make a list of what went wrong the last time and asking, how did I contribute to what went wrong the last time.  What should you do differently this time?  I am letting those around me know that I am trying to make things easier for them and verbally acknowledging what they say.  I am paying attention to what they say and when they express how they are feeling about my help.  My help, isn’t really helping if it causes more harm the good.

We are all in this together, lets help each other find our rhythm.