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Don't mind the slog, look through to reaching your goals.

Don’t mind the slog, look ahead to your goal.

Recently, I discovered my workspace was making me sick.  Not just from a frustrated place but truly physically ill.  I would work out there this winter and then a day later I would be feeling around for a COVID test (everything was COVID.)  Turns out that the 25year old carpet, was molding underneath on the concrete.  The concrete had never been sealed and after so many years….. well you know.  Good news, it wasn’t COVID, bad news was that my magical place wasn’t healthy to be in.

My support and mentor (Gabe) decided that something needed to be done, she and a VERY good friend (Steve) got the materials to seal the floor.  Steve and my husband pulled out the rug and hauled it all away (huge, nasty job) and I got to work moving things so we could get the sealing started.  Now, my studio is 24’x24’ of open space but I had filled it.  Things were organized, filed and managed.  There was cabinets, drawers, tables, chairs and a large heavy desk and all of it needed to be moved.  We decided to do it all in sections, it seemed like a good plan.

Well laid plans o’ mice and men….. yep.  You should see it now.  Someone described it as a crows nest, I call it hell.  You see, you put down one coat and wait 2 hours until you can do the second.  Once that is completed, you must leave it to sit for 24 endless hours until you can put anything on it. Then, we would move furniture and inventory to a sealed area so we would expose the next space for sealing. Move seal, and not be able to put away. Thus, the piled disaster that I am currently facing.  The second to last area wasn’t too bad, this last area tipped the scales over into chaos.

Now, I know that it won’t stay like this forever and as I write this; I know I will be able to start re-organizing things this evening. I just feel like my studio is crying.  A low moaning call that is riding my last nerve and drawing me to this wounded magical space. How do I manage the stress?  I stand in the doorway of the studio and study it.  I begin to sort in my mind and form a plan of attack.  I know what I want, where it all needs to be and when I can work towards being able to create again. It will never be the same but we have a possibility of it being even better.  I can envision a new configuration that will give me even more efficiency. I have been gifted new equipment while this is going on, and I will be able to use it effectively.

That creates an exciting energy which will carry me through to the end of this huge project.  My vision is with in my grasp.  So many new possibilities being born, and that is what carries me through.