...serenity in motion

Gallery openings and making new friends.

I joined several art organizations over the last few years and one of them put up an exhibit in Moses Lake.  It is about 3 hours from me so I sent 3 paintings to be hung with other members and went over to meet everyone at the opening. The irony is that I had met more members that were farther away and now, I was finally meeting ones that were closer to me.  Amazing talent, every one; and we had a wonderful time making new friends.

It was a bit of a drive but if you have ever been able to talk about your passion with new people, you will understand when I say it was worth it. The weather was good for my trip and I ended it with teaching a class of new pastel addicts.  Doing art isn't easy, neither is making new friends but each journey is worth it.  I got to see another artists creative place (so magical) and learned a new card game.

We are all talking about another show in Eastern Washington so, if you have a chance; look up Women Painters Of Washington.  It is an incredible group of talented people, the work is so different and amazing.  Give yourself a treat.  If you are traveling from Seattle to Spokane or the other direction, sneak of the road and visit the Moses Lake Museum and Art Center.  We are all up until June 11th.