...serenity in motion

Accepting help is just as important as giving it.

I find myself in the middle of recovery.  I have never hurt myself as badly as I have recently and I am trying to pick up the pieces.  Standing in my studio I have a fresh litter of kittens (no, I'm not kidding), it is a wreck in there with the mess from unloading the show.  My house is trashed because I don't feel strong enough to clean it.  My dog is recovering from a recent operation himself and doesn't understand why he isn't supposed to bounce and run.  My hair is down to the end of my nose, it needs my stylist but I had to cancel when I was injured and I am trying to pull it together to meet obligations.  I have canceled 2 appearances already this month, along with my hair appointment, and a dentist appointment; in fact the only person who sees me right now is my chiropracter. 

With all that going on, how do I feel? Grateful.  Yes, I am still blessed.  The hardest thing to do as an adult is to accept help and I did.  Fourth of July did in my back and I didn't realize how injured I was Sunday morning.  My next door neighbors at the show decided that I was not going to pack up alone.  I was going to take their help period.  I wasn't given a choice but had they asked, I would have thrown myself at their feet with gratitude.  I didn't want to tear down in 90 degree weather alone.  I didn't want to pack up my car alone, and I had so much help when I did both.

We need to help each other but we also need to be willing to accept help when it is offered.  You know when someone says, "Pay it forward" ?  What would we do if no one accepted the assitance that we offered?  When we accept help, we are inviting others to invest in us and take their investment as the gift it is.  We get to make others feel good about themselves as well as those they are helping.  Accepting help is a brave thing, it is stating that we need others.  We are recognizing we can't do everything alone, and showing others that we are vulnerable.  It is okay, we aren't exposing our throats; we are sharing our experiences.

Accept help, give help and share the experience of living here together. Accepting help, gives others the chance to be better people too.