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Set up for success or just ready to learn new skills

My mentor tells me that not only do we need to set ourselves up for success but we need to be ready to put the plan into action when the time comes.  I didn’t understand what that meant until last night.  I have this neighbor who’s dog was ready to whelp.  She had all the equipment but it wasn’t actually set up to be used.  The dog was incredibly efficient and pushed out 6 puppies in 3 hours (poor thing) but was not very excited about the puppies.  One of the puppies had a terminal birth defect so there was also a midnight run to the veterinarians as well.  I began to understand what my mentor had been trying to tell me, that setting yourself up for success and being ready for it are 2 different things.

I showed up for the blessed event with wine and the expectation of lots of waiting, nope.  ½ glass later we were neck deep in puppy drama.  The human mother had water bottles and formula bottles but none of them were ready.  I had no idea, I didn’t warn her; I didn’t know to.  I had a vet tech that I was texting but when the dog started to growl at the puppies, we slammed everything into high gear.  And soooo many towels!

The lesson in the end is this;  You may have the equipment but unless you are ready to use it, you aren’t really prepared.  I have the tools, I don’t know yet how to use everything.  Like the whelping, running my art business is going to be in trouble because I don’t know what to do with all the tools I have.  This is called “Practical Application” and I need to learn it.  This is what my mentor kept trying to get me to understand.

It is similar to having all of the power tools in the shop but not being able to build a wooden box, or in this case feeding and warming puppies while the mom is stressed.  What do I do with everything I have? Ask questions, I was texting everyone on my phone tree for advice. As far as my business is concerned, I am going to ask everyone I know how to use my tools and be ready to put them into practical application.  It is scary, but why bother having the tools unless you are ready to be successful.

One of my tools is a list of mentors and what they can help with.  I am getting my first practical application right there.  Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help and never worry about jumping in the car and driving to an expert.  Thank you to all the midnight help and the professionals who are on call in the small hours of the night.  The puppies are healthy and warm, fat and wiggly and cute as all get out.  You guys helped make everything a success, bless you all.