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Drama, Drama,... drama. Don't add to it.

Fuss and bother, Let’s make good choices

Drama, drama, drama.  How often have you heard of someone wronged or wounded?  You want to leap to their defense and rise up in protest.  Recently, an artist I love; was on the receiving end of a social media beating.  She isn’t young and yes, she probably should have known better; but the trouncing she received was awful. The longer we are in business, the larger our profile.  A larger profile, a bigger target and boy was she hit.  The thing is, the longer we are in business, the bigger we feel we are and we tend to think that translates to a bigger stick.  We should keep some realistic perspective about our size and weight.

When giants fall, they leave a big hole in the ground and they have a hard time getting back up again.  So while you may think you cast a big shadow, perhaps you should consider where you are tossing your shade.  I decided against jumping into the social media frenzy.  I posted a statement of support on my personal page, wrote a personal note to her and left it at that.  I wanted to take the time to hand write something, hopefully it will reach her; because getting a personal missive in the mail means so much to me.

Consider how you are supporting someone or something.  You have a limited amount of energy to put into this kind of situation, consider making it count.  Sometimes, you throwing your weight around will bring you the wrong kind of attention and cause more harm than good.  Weigh your options carefully and think about what you want to achieve.  You have a few minutes to work it out, don’t be the reactionary incitement.  Try to be helpful, not destructive and always remember; you will make mistakes not matter how hard you try not to.

Drama causes nothing but noise and our message can get lost in the din.  Don’t add to it.  Diva’s have a short shelf life on the stage and we always need to consider long term.  Stay on the sidelines and work to keep the show on the road, not in the orchestra pit.