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Something you do, is special. I promise

As an artist; I hear a very common question, "You did all of these?"  It often surprizes many artists when someone asks that.  In our minds we tend to answer, "Who else?" but we don't vocalize that.  We did all the art in the display so to us it is a strange question.  To the person standing there in awe, they might do 4 or 5 drawings in a lifetime.  To consider that someone might have done the 20 odd images hanging in front of them, can be mind blowing.

I find myself talking to artists and business people in the creative industry about ideas that I have come across.  I had one friend pick my brain the other day for an hour and a half.  I am always shocked when things like that happen but I guess, perhaps I should keep something in perspective.  When I go to my mechanic and he trades out my ball joints, I'm stunned he got it done the same day.  To Chad or Trevor, it's all in a days work.  The Chef in your favorite resturant makes a mouthwatering edible object of art, it is what he does.  Wedding cake decorators just know how to create those edible flowers that climb up and up over the layers; to them, it is what needs to be done so they achieve it.  I may think what I know should be common knowledge but obviously, it isn't to my friend.

To me, creating art might be work but there is no great mystery.  Chad and Trevor, The Chef, the Cake Decorator; there isn't any magic to them.  Everybody does something that others are in awe of.  You just don't know how amazing it is because you don't really think anymore about how to do it, it just gets done.  Consider that, you do something that others are in awe of.  Why would you know what that is?  To you it is simple.  So take a moment today and say to yourself, "I do something that someone else can't.  Just because I don't know what that is, doesn't mean it isn't special.  I can do something special."

Someday, you will find out what that is but until then; just keep doing.  Did you know the guy who created "Jingle Bells" considered himself a failure? Every year people belt out his song.  Just because you think you failed today, doesn't mean you didn't do something special in someone elses eyes.  Keep doing, it's worth it.