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Big fish, little pond?

Is the best thing to always swim in the school with your peers?  I recently changed shows from a big major art show to a smaller one in the same town on the same weekend.  I was always told that show A was the one to do.  Everyone who was anyone did it.  I tried it 3 times and each time, I didn't do well.  It was the more prestigous, all of the top names did it.  I began to think I wasn't good enough.  The strange thing is, I am selling well in the area in other venues.  So I thought about it, maybe it wasn't me.  Maybe it I was blending in with all the other work there and I wasn't getting seen.  

I put in for a local, more arts and crafts show on the same weekend and only a mile away.  Yes, I am one of the few fine artisans there but ok; people are seeing my work.  This show is smaller, people can walk it in an hour or so unlike the other where you need several hours to see everything.  My car is parked closer to my booth at this one and there is a lot more shade.  I might be between a couple artisan lotion vendors, but that doesn't bother me.

Sometimes, it doesn't pay to swim in the big school.  It might not hurt to be in a smaller body of water. It is still a juried venue and the crowd is there too.  Some of them walk through our small show on their way to the bigger but we are next to where they parked.  One collector purchased her painting from me and I held it for her so she didn't have to carry it around the bigger one.

I do miss seeing the work at the other show but I don't get around to see much of any show anymore.  I miss seeing my friends but we are texting each other updates.  We are all happy with the way things are turning out for each other.  The best thing is, I have covered my expenses and it is a fun place to be.  Check your pond, is it the best choice for you?  Don't worry about being a biggish fish in a smaller pond, pay your bills first and then think about it.