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There is always tomorrow.

There is always tomorrow.

Seems like we are all facing uphill battles right now.  Businesses are closing, relationships are ending, people are leaving jobs; everywhere I turn I have friends facing bad news or bad luck.  When things get like this, I tend to remind myself that everything we are experiencing is transitional.  Luck runs in streaks, bad or good and it can always change.

I have done shows where I set up with hope and excitement, only to find at the end of that first day I haven’t sold a thing.  I used to get depressed but over the years I started to look to the next day.  There is always tomorrow to make sales or maybe just to get through the day to tear down and go home.  Getting home can be a good thing too, at least I get to sleep in my own bed.  I can look to the future shows to see what I might do differently the next time.

The end of something can always be the beginning of something else.  While I feel badly for my friends who are going through so many awful things, bad luck can’t endure.  There is always a chance that tomorrow will end up bringing something better.  Sometimes, we don’t realize how bad things actually were until it is over and we have to start something new. 

One of my students recently brought a painting that she had done in one of my classes several years prior.  She felt it was a complete failure and was on the edge of destroying it.  Bringing it to me to help her with it was a last-ditch effort to save it.  I pointed out some things that could be improved and she re-worked it.  Turns out she really liked it when she left.

That’s life; there is always tomorrow to re-work, start over or (as the new way of looking at things go) pivot.  It is always scary but isn’t better to look at the possibilities instead of the failures?  If you remember that there is always tomorrow, there is constantly the possibility of something to look forward to.