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Promote yourself!

Promote Yourself!

I was recently a visitor to a local event/fundraiser that had 22 artist supporters.  22 creative people donating time and effort to support a community jewel.  It was a bit of a walk but it was sunny, and I really wanted to see it so I could work to be a part of it next year. One of the things that surprised me was how few of the artists had out material to promote themselves.

Many people feel it is crass to advertise yourself when you are doing a fund raiser.  They feel like they are using the fund raiser to forward their own success.  I want to take a look at this philosophy.  Not for profits like inviting public figures, it helps to bring more supporters to their events.  So, consider if you are an artist with a following, wouldn’t you be helping if you did some advertising for the event?  Event organizers also like to tout their events as good exposure for you the artist.  What is the point of them offering exposure if you don’t take advantage of it? Events like this are a give and take for the non-profit as well as the artist.  You each give something so everyone has a positive take away.

I can understand that you don’t want to put yourself above the fundraising organization but the last thing to consider is this; building a following will only help this organization the next year.  When you collect art followers, you bring more to the table for the organization.  In a way, it becomes a symbiotic relationship.  Each one gains something from the other that can be built on. The organization itself will spend time and money to promote your involvement hoping to catch the eye of one of your collectors.

I don’t hesitate myself, to put up a banner and hand out my brochures, you never know what event will come up in the future that could use a boost.  The last thing to consider is this, the more followers you have; the more appealing you become to promoters.  That goes for both; non-profit and sales events, consider not letting the opportunity slip by. You won't just be supporting yourself but also the fundraiser.