...serenity in motion

Paper the World with apologies if you must but, make sure you really mean it.

When I screw up, I do a really good job of it.  I'd like to say that I only do a little bone head oops but sometimes, well I can make a doozy.

We all make mistakes and most of the time it comes from getting over excited and not thinking first.  I remember a friend of mine who was always stepping in it and her mantra became; "Brain think, feet walk".  I should substitute mouth talk, but either way it is a good idea to follow.  Basically, you are trying to look where you are leaping and check for a safe landing.

What happens when you land in it?  Look for the injured parties and work towards making amends..  There are always one or two people who are more upset than others. I tend to seek them out first.  Here is an important point; they do not have to accept your apology.  You messed up, not them.  The ball is in their court and if they want to turn their back and walk away; you have no say.  Many people disagree with that, but you can't force someone to accept what they don't want.

When I say "make amends", it isn't just an apology.  You need to recognize what you did wrong, say that you understand that: you did that thing wrong, and that you will work very hard not to do it again.  I have been apologized to, only to have the miscreaant turn around and do it again and I DON'T WANT TO BE THAT PERSON.

the last part to making amends is mean what you say.  It doesn no good to let the words fall out of your mouth if you don't back it up with your mind, heart and soul.  I try to make my word into my bond.  I don't say things I won't back.  Ask me a pointed question, see what you get. (Caveat;never ask what you don't want the answer to.)

Someone posted the above meme and I think it is very appropriate to this (see my facebook post on this blog).  If you are still breathing, you haven't peaked.