...serenity in motion

"It's later than you think"

Recently,  I became very aware that time is fluid and runs fast (seems like it moves faster the older you get).  The reason I bring this up is because I was watching The Adam Project and this one line keeps coming up, It's later than you think

Most business gurus will tell you that you should have a business plan and a basic timeline for your goals. I'm going to lay this out there; how much time do you really think you have to achieve them.  I came into this game late because I lacked focus and drive.  I didn't find my "thing" until I was 42 and then didn't find my groove until I was 50.  I knew I wanted to be prolific but I goofed off as a nail tech and squandered the first 6 years of my art career.  I have dialed in on my goals and find myself looking at my peers to see how long I've got to do this.  Let me tell you, not long; it's later than I realized.

Write down your goals, Put each goal on an piece of paper and write it big.  Hang those puppies where you will see them so they help keep you on track.  Put a post-it note on each one that counts down how many years you have left to achieve it.  Don't let these things scare you because you own them and you can change them anytime you want. Push yourself don't let anything else push you.

Let's say that again.  Push yourself; Don't let anything else push you.  I give you permission to say no to anything.  Including your goals.  Life changes and you need to change with it to survive.  If you look up on your wall and your goals make you sick to your stomach instead of excited, you will never get there. Remember, life changes and sometimes you need to adjust your timeline.  If you think that the change in front of you is going to be worth pushing through, try that too.  Do not ever punish yourself for failing.  Failure is punishment enough, you don't need to make it worse.  And always keep in mind Bruce Wayne's father, "Why do we fall down? So we can learn to get back up."  I told one friend a long time ago when she asked about failing,"Get better at it.  It will teach you how to overcome it."

This is our life, and I take that to mean that it is our time.  Ain't gonna get any better or (trust me) fresher, get to it while the getting is good.