...serenity in motion

Make your days better by improving the world around you.

The world is pretty unsettled right now, enough that we are all feeling pretty uncertain.  What do you do when things always seem so awful?  I tend to fall back into being the anonymous person in the parking lot who gives you a hand. I try to be the nice lady you waited on today, perhaps the one who made you laugh.  The one who waited patiently while others were ruffled and grumpy around you.  That is me, the one who doesn’t make your day worse and maybe made it a little better.

I have always thought there was truth in the advice, “Be the change you want to see.”  I have always considered it to be the modern version of; “Treat others the way you want to be treated” or “Do unto others…”  I don’t have to go out of my way, I can’t afford to pay someone’s grocery bill and I don’t call the local school to pay a student’s lunch bill.  Perhaps I should.  I tend to seize the moment for spontaneous generosity.  Paying it forward in the starbucks line when someone paid for my drink, helping a stranger load groceries in their car.  Getting a cart for someone or putting it away can give me an uplift.  That is why I do it, I’m selfish; it makes me feel better.

One year; a small lifetime ago, I had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit.  I started a giving tree when I worked in a salon.  That made the season magical for me.  I have found that being a kind stranger these days helps me over the anxiety caused by the world around me.  Gives me hope in the world, even if I am the one who is spreading it.

Anyway, that is my blog today.  Maybe it would work for you to?  Be well.