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"Just One Thing"?

It isn’t just “One” thing.

How do you know if “it” is the right decision?  What makes “it” the wrong decision? 

Everything we do, everything we decide; gives us opportunities.  Each decision can lead to disaster and success.  Why?  Because it isn’t just one thing you do wrong or right.  It isn’t just one thing, it is several.  You see, we get several chances in everything we do to create a success.  You can make it more difficult for yourself by doing things wrong.  The more things you do incorrectly, the quicker the opportunity becomes a disaster.  However; that doesn’t mean that it’s over and your chance is gone.

I’m a bit of a geek and I was watching Men in Black III when Griphon said, “A miracle is what seem’s impossible but happens anyway.”  Which I think is in line with the idea that it isn’t Just One Thing.  Sometimes, no matter how bad you foul things up, you might find yourself in sunshine on the other end.  I believe in perseverance and that I think is the moral here.  If you keep pushing, and don’t bank on the right thing or get hung up on the “One Thing”; you might just make a miracle happen.

Maybe it isn’t a miracle, perhaps it is just hard-won success.  Whatever it is, don’t get high centered on the right or wrong of the decision.  Until you are on the other side of the grass, you have another chance to achieve what you want.