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I know your tired but, Keep looking for the answer

I know your tired but, Keep looking for the answer.

Artists rely on a few pieces of equipment.  Some are small and others are fairly large and costly.  Pastelists tend to love specific colors that they will buy in numbers but sooner or later, the company that makes them will stop.  Sending us into a panic to search for a new source but that color with that specific pastel texture might be lost to them forever.  I had a color that I fell in love with like that.  It came from a set that I inherited making it likely the company had stopped producing it years ago.  I discovered by speaking with one of my distributors, if I sent the tiny chip to them; they might be able to find me a few alternatives.

The next item that I need to replace might be a repair.  My show rig, I love my car and it is down.  We bought this specifically for me to do shows with.  It is fancy and I love it.  We bought it the year after my husband flew out to a show the day we tore down because he didn’t want me to drive the rear wheel drive vehicle home.  He drove and then we went looking for my baby behemoth.  It holds my displays (indoor and out) without any problems and luggage for 3 people.  Currently, it’s sick.

My son has become a diesel tech, handy if you drive a diesel.  It makes him pretty slick on a car; however, and I won’t turn down his help.  He and my husband tore into my poor car and returned with dire news.  We started pushing numbers and it didn’t look good.  That was Sunday afternoon and after a sleepless night, I made a few phone calls. I’m keeping my fingers crossed but someone with far more experience with my car gave us insights and it may not be as bad as we feared.  I won’t go into details (I don’t want to jinx it) but there is a chance to repair it.

Why do I bring up a car and a chip of pastel?  Keep searching for the answer.  You never know where you will find a solution.  It is hard to find the energy when you are despondent but it can be worth it.  I dated a man once (many years ago) who would say, “The only dumb question is the one you didn’t ask.”  I don’t believe that is an absolute, as an artist in the public view; there have been some really dumb ones.  It does make sense though to keep asking and looking for a solution. Last week was about asking the question, I’m gonna hold on to that until my car is in drive and on the road.