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The healing properties of doing art

There is an increasing amount of scientific evidence that proves art enhances brain function. It has an impact on brain wave patterns and emotions, the nervous system, and can actually raise serotonin levels. Art can change a person’s outlook and the way they experience the world. Art Enhances Brain Function and Well-Being (healing-power-of-art.org)

I pulled the above statement from the article I found at the above (posted the address so you can go read it yourself). I went looking and I just put "art and the brain" in the search engine to see what I would pull up.  I found this particular article interesting to read and pertinent to the subject this week. 

I have one friend who recently found herself in a battle royal with her body and modern medicine and she found solace and healing in her work.  She is an administrator for a local art organization and kept working through her health "Project".  She shared with me that doing her work helped her stay positive through the whole thing.  jAnother artist friend of mine is dealing with another trying time and she helps herself by sitting at her easel and working on art projects while tending to crisis at hand.  She mentioned to me that it helped alot and made things easier.  I can myself attest that I can use the elevated seratonin levels during the long winter months.

Thinking of art, looking at art, creating art; all of these activities seem to help mental health and make us all feel better.  Decorating our homes with artistic images help us find peace in our den.  Art supplies provide all sorts of warm feelings (you still remember the scent of a new box of crayons, don't deny it) thus the stores like Michael's, JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby; just to name a few.  Sometimes, just the creativity of redecorating a room brings joy. You are still working with that creative part of your brain that elevates your brain function.  

How about gardening?  That is artistic.  Picking the plants, deciding how to arrange them in your garden, creating hanging baskets..... you are planning and creating that whole time.  Trimming hedges and cutting the grass may seem like chores but we are all shaping the intrinsic look of our living space to make it all pleasing.

The next time you are having a hard time, go purchase a coloring book for grown ups (they are really cool, by the way) and a new box of crayons.  Trust me, opening the box and breathing in the smell will help all on its own.  Think about what the act of coloring might do for you.