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Coming of age, and when to call it quits

I'll admit it, I am trying to get a friend to take a job.  I want them in that position because I know they will make my life easier.  They said to me, "I'm looking at retiring in a few years.  Why should I take that promotion?"  I got to tell you, "Because I said so." isn't the all powerful argument that my mother told me it was.  However; I don't think that being over 50 is a good argument for not doing something.

Ok, maybe it isn't a good time to take up bull riding or team steer roping but; what about other things?  I came into the business of being an artist professionally, later in life.  15 years ago, I could still lift what ever I thought I could without pain or lasting effects.  I could eat pretty much what ever I want where ever I was and not suffer and I could drink coffee and still sleep through the night.  Being able to live off of chilli dogs and crappy coffee while loading and unloading your display came in handy.  Now, I have to stop drinking any form of caffeine and end up in severe distress if I eat gluten.  (do you know how many things contain gluten!?)  If I sit in the wrong chair, the wrong way for any length of time; I'm crippled.  No, things haven't gotten any easier and I am still trying to build my art career. 

Lets look at Grandma Moses, she started her art career at 78.  She kept painting until the ripe old age of 101. How about Paul Ce'zanne?  He painted most of his life but wasn't successful until he was in his late 50's early 60's (He is inspiring to me, considering my age perspective.)  There is Bill Traylor, he was broke and homeless at 85 when he was given real art materials as a gift.  Noah Purifoy, a found art sculptor who started at 72. Mary Delany started her career at 68.  Each one of these are nationally recognized and have been on display in museums.  J.M. Orend did an article about all of these for The Abundant artist. Five Late Bloomers That Changed the Art World   - Online Marketing for Artists - (theabundantartist.com)

What it comes down to is this; as long as you have a breath in you, keep working for what you want to accomplish.  Don't let your age be the only reason you didn't try.  

Now, as far as my friend is concerned; they should do as they wish and not what others would find more convenient for themselves (or me).  Wink, wink; nudge, nudge: you know who you are and that I really love you.