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A Bump of Luck

A Bump of Luck

Sometimes it appears that things just seem to go a person’s way.  Something will fall in a safe place or so it does little or no damage.  A part will fail on a car right in front of a mechanic, or in the only driveway for 3 miles.  Army personnel, keep someone lucky where they would do the most good.

This business can be a little like that, a turn of sales right when you were about to give up.  An award comes when you least expect it or recognition when you weren’t expecting it.  It isn’t something that you can count on but you can help it occur.  Being kind and thoughtful can add to your chances when you need things to go your way.  Luck is good but making good karma is a solid investment.

I’ve had art sales over the last few years that have worked that way.  You shouldn’t expect things to always go your way, but you can be a good person to beef up your odds.  Nothing lowers your chances like being grumpy or angry.  Luck isn’t something you can bully. Just like when you plan on it, it will let you down.  Expecting everything to be there for you is another way to mess it up.  Sometimes the luck you receive isn’t what you were expecting but can be more valuable that what you were looking for.  You just have to recognize it.  If you are frustrated and angry, it can be harder to spot.

My luck is like that, shy and sly; it is like the relative that slips you a cookie that you weren’t supposed to have.  I am always grateful, but I never push it.  I don’t have the kind of luck you can take to the casino; I am always afraid that if I did, I would use up all of it at once.  It is like the brownie that helps around the house, feed it with gratitude; but never call attention to it.  If you mention the brownie, it must disappear.

I hope writing about it, isn’t crossing a line but; see if you have a small nudge or bump that helps you out sometime.  I bet that you will see your little help..