...serenity in motion

Admiring the resiliency of a simple flower.

Dandelions amaze me.  I truly admire them.  You mow your lawn and 2 days later; there they are, smiling at the sun. They are versatile and willing to grow anywhere one of their wandering seeds land.  Concrete? No problem, they find a crack.  Weed and feed, oh well; they come back stronger.

Did you know that not only are they the first food of bees in the spring, but they also can feed us as well.  They were brought over on the Mayflower to remind people of home but also because of their medicinal properties as well.  A good source of vitamin A and C plus Iron, calcium and potassium.  Every part of the dandelion can be eaten safely.  Leaves are good in salads and so are the flowers.  The roots can be roasted.  Currently, you might purchase roasted dried root for a coffee substitute (if you can afford it).

We can learn a lot from Dandelions, perseverance and versatility.  They just keep pushing through and will last for years if you don’t get all of the roots.  The roots of a dandelion can grow up to 15 feet!  Make your self and your art important on many levels and work to give yourself a deeply intrenched base.  Don’t just rely on one way to promote yourself and always seek new places to put down new roots to grow.  Look for new ways to make your art pertinent to the world around you, seek out new markets and new venues.

Dandelions flowers can be made into a very cheerful and light wine, have you looked at ways your work might work for wineries or distilleries?  Like the Dandelion, how many ways can your art be positive in different areas.

Be positive like a dandelion, one seed captured can be used to make a wish and it will land in some sort of opportunity somewhere.  Never discount an idea, you don’t know what that seed of interest might grow into.

Give your business a chance and ask, where can I shine today?  Stop and pick some dandelion flowers and put them in a glass of water to glow on your counter.  Let the joyful yellow brighten your day and think of possibilities.