...serenity in motion

Wrangling the mess of creativity

I was a messy teenager.  Raise your hands if you are surprized.  Most people won't be but given the way I live now, my son might not believe what kind of eco-chaos I created and lived in.  Now, I tend to get itchy if things are too unorganized. I purchase these sectioned trays to put the pastels I am using in so that they are where I can find them when I go back to a project.  I walk into my studio and see all of these stacked and have realized that things have gotten out of hand.  I can't see the whole surface of my framing table, I have 4 easels up, and my big blue chair is buried under a pile of unrecognizable flotsam.  Maybe it is time to invest some time in cleaning the space.  

You know that process where you hold something in your hand and ask if it brings you joy?  It's my studio! everything in there brings me joy. I think.  It is interfering with my creative process however and since I have a student coming to see me soon, Tomorrow is the day to muck things out.

When you get to that point, have a plan and the tools you are going to need: garbage bags and cans, boxes and tape and of course; tunes! The problem I had when I was a teenager was where to begin and what to do with the stuff.  Now I have places for most of it and if it doesn't have a home, it is going in a box, bag or can.  More than anything what you need it the drive to get it done.  My life has been cluttered lately and sometimes that interferes with my creative process.  Frustration and depression can put a strangle hold on your ability to be artistic and cleaning out the space can help you discover the joy there in and get your mojo flowing again.

I also have to take into consideration those I bring into my space and I remember my friends picking their way through my crap to sit on my bed.  Why would anyone want to see my creative space when they fear what is lurking under the piles in my studio?  I know my student will be more inspired with the space organized, just like me.  Now, if I was to show you the clutter of the space; you might not consider it that messy.  I on the other hand know what it can look like.  I promise to show a picture of it when I am done!  Of course, you can always give me a call and plan a visit.