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Working the holidays and balancing your self care.

The holidays are here and it means something different for each of us with an art business.

Some of us are running around from local craft fair to holiday bazaar, others are doing several seasonal craft shows. There are artists that are doing their time at local co-ops and others who are milking their online stores for every sale they can get. None of these are wrong, but at this time of year; I find myself at home with time off to recharge, restock and rework my schedule. 

I have several social groups that I follow and I am always looking for new shows that other artists are happy with and markets that might worth trying.  It is also a time of year to look at my inventory and decide if I want to go in new directions or not. Do I want to add new cards, prints, and how do I want to work my display.

It is also a time where we want to give more time to our charities and organizations. Boards get together to organize fund raisers and prepare for tax season. I have several groups that I like to give my time to as well and there can be get togethers for each of these as well. These can also tap into our available time and energy.

The holidays are important, even more now considering the pandemic.  We need to take the time to connect with our friends and family, even if we aren’t able to be face to face.  I have a hard time being productive while I am rushing around for the holidays.  Given that this year I will be tearing into the configuration of my studio space, again; I need to make sure I don’t over reach my energy reserves.  I tend to get grouchy when I over extend myself and it makes it less joyful for those around me.

What ever you are doing, consider self care and your priorities while you are doing it.  This is a good time of year to make money but it is also a very stressful time for us all.  Don’t rob yourself of your holiday joy to make a buck or 5. Good luck and have a happy holiday.