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What will 2022 bring, hopefully different decisions; again.

Facing the same mistakes in the new year

Here it is the first day of 2022 and I find myself behind in my book work, trying to make a list of shows I want to apply to that is significantly longer than what I want to do; and trying to find my way through the morass of situations I swore I wouldn’t do again.  What is it about the first day that makes those errors so glaringly obvious?  I mean, if they are so obvious now; why weren’t they when I made them?

I used to meet a friend once a month and we would be bookwork buddies.  It kind of helped but every January I end up behind the 8 ball with my accountant riding my tochus.  The fact that I sleep with him nightly doesn’t really give me any excuse.  I can’t really make him do everything (much as a wife would like her husband to do).  I only think I am 2 or 3 months behind but that is still most of one financial quarter.  It is easier to keep on top of when there is more going on but still…

Looking over my list of shows, I promised myself I would get it down to 6 a year.  Well that is a challenge.  This past year found things to be rewarding and frustrating with the shows.  Given the economic ups and downs, I find myself questioning my list and going over it again and again.  I am second guessing my choices trying to decide what will and wont be worth this years financial investment.  I know we will get through these infuriating times, history shows us that we are on the cusp of great things.  It is just finding our way through our current difficulties.

And then there is the extrication from me trying the same old mistakes, again.  Why do I do this?  I understand what I was thinking but if I ever consider doing these same things again,I hope I am conked on the head and fed alcohol until I see reason.  There are things you do when you are starting out that you can not go back to when you reach a certain professional level.  I must remember that.  We look at the things that others do that seem so successful but, in the end, are not worth the effort for me.  Find your own path and try to stay true to it.  Look for your market, don’t create for the market your in.

Here is to the New Year and the hopes that things get better and that you can rise to all occasions with grace.  May the mistakes of the past be the learning blocks of our future that become stepping stones to success.  Bless you all.