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Welcome to 2021

Well, I want to welcome you all the beginning of 2021.  While we are all eager to start with a fresh slate let us take a few things into consideration.

1.       Shutting off the valve rarely dries up the flood.  Remember, it takes time for the bad to wear off.  Residual of this past year and will stick to us like burs on a cheap acrylic saddle blanket.  Best bet is to take it slow and have patience.

2.      Conversely, it takes time to get back into the flow.  As time goes on, a trickle with grow.  While we are all hoping for things to get back to normal; it will, but it is going to take a long time.

3.      Be patient.  Be patient with the salesperson in front of you, with the car in the intersection or the person pushing the cart ahead of you and, be patient with yourself.  Stress can make everything worse, including illness.

4.      Put yourself in time out more often.  When teachers did that to us in school, it wasn’t to punish us but to give us a reset.  When you are grumpy, angry, tired or frustrated; give yourself some time to regroup.

5.      Do something nice.  Do something nice for others and for yourself.  Paying it forward makes you feel better and puts a smile on someone else’s face.  Doing something nice for yourself lifts your spirits.  It never needs to be a grand gesture, small gifts can help you and someone else.  It just changes direction for a mood and puts our spirits in a happy place.

Try not to judge to harshly.  Give yours

6.      elf a chance and have courage to accept people and things as they are.  Sometimes judging gets you off on the wrong foot and lets face it, what does it accomplish?

7.      Always remember rainbows and sunrises.  I am more spiritual than religious but I have always said, “Son rise is God’s promise”.  A promise of a new start, a promise of a chance, a promise of acceptance.  Promise yourself something positive and write it on the top of your calendar each month.



Good luck, God bless and I hope you have a good New Year.