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Walk in a room and speak with intention.

Speak with intention.

I love urban fantasy novels and my favorite is by an author out of Washington state.  She has a lot of fae in her stories and one of the most integral parts of them is how much what you say matters.  Words and names have weight, and they pick them very carefully.  Each word they use when communicating, is considered, and spoken with purpose.

Imagine, thinking about everything that you are about to speak; and making sure you aren’t wasting it.  People from some of the central western states are like that.  They speak each syllable as if they are paying for them.  Have you ever had a conversation with someone from Wyoming? Yep, nope, prolly…… they aren’t dense, they are telling it the way they see it.  They are just speaking with intention. Yes, is a contract.  No is a refusal. When they get angry, they get quiet.  Why, because they are weighing their words very carefully.

If you are considering this, think of it this way.  We are standing across from each other and both of us have a goal.  I want to accomplish something, as do you and we want to work together, but we don’t agree with how to do it.  We may not like each other, or we are coming from different directions and backgrounds.  There can be many reasons why we are so far apart but, if we speak with intention and listen to what the other has to say; we might end up coming together and creating something spectacular.

It also is important to do this in your day to day.  I compliment strangers, not because I want to be seen, because I see them.  I try to make sure that when I open my mouth, things will be better when I’ve spoken.  Sometimes, I am an abysmal failure.  It happens and I have decided that if you aren’t making mistakes, you’re not trying very hard in life.

Choose your words with care.  Don’t just open your mouth to be heard, speak with intention to accomplish something.  Think of the cost of each syllable and what it could lose you if squandered it on gaining an audience without any purpose.