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Strike While Hot!

Years ago, I thought I was going to be a professional photographer and I took a lot of classes as I worked toward that goal.  One of the most compelling lessions I learned that photography was like survival, walk out the door always prepared.  I never left the house without my camera and I always stopped to grab that perfect chance shot.

Temperatures around here have been hovering in the teens and when that happens, the creeks and streams do some amazing things.  You don't have much time to get out and capture them.  As soon as the mercury creeps up above 25, that is it.  It is over.   Everything starts to break loose and while you might have ice on rocks, you no longer have the cream colored ice dams or the brilliant greens that signal the vicious cold.  I had to jump in the car and dash out to my favorite spots.

I was rewarded with some amazing things too.  Covid has made it hard to be passionate about my art.  You can only carry that drive for so long without stimulation.  After a while, it becomes stale and when that happens; your work might look stale.  

I'm going to challenge you to seek the moment and Seize the Day!  Give yourself permission to be late somewhere, change a plan on the fly or miss an appointment all for the purpose of catching that creative spark.  A few days ago, I was late for a dinner date but OH! The sunset was so amazing.  Those moments pass us by in an instant and we are left with the wonder and awe but how do we capture it?  By pulling off to the side of the road and grabbing it.

All we have had lately is obligations.  We are obligated to wear a mask, stand 6' apart, get a shot and make the next appointment.  Don't miss it!  Carry a spare mask everywhere we go and don't touch anything!  Grab that moment that creates a spark. We have been living a life of sterility, throw a little bit of chaos in there and Carpe Diem.  We are artists, we need the chaos to survive!  Be safe but... live a little.

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