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Should I spend my money, or save it?

Every once in a while, I have a really great week. When it happens, I feel like hiding myself in a closet and counting my coin like a smoldering dragon of old.  Eventually the mundane chases me out of hiding, like the bathroom and food; and I find myself thinking of all the ways I could spend it.  Clothing, art supplies, trips, meals in fancy places, all cascade through my brain and I realize it won't go nearly as far as I think.  I'd like to say I pay bills first but generally I spend a little on the vendors around me because I like to share my largess.  I don't spend much, but a little on a thing here or there.  Once the show is over and I am at home, I consider all the things that need to be done with it and I commit to one new piece of equipment for my business.  

You need to think about your future in this business and as time goes on your display and the equipment you use to sell your work needs to be upgraded.  I started out with metal grid panels which worked but first of all, they are heavy and second, they don't show the work as well.  So I bought black fabric to up my game.  That worked for a short while but eventually I went to pro panels.  They are light, uniform and you can purchase them used from other artists to get you started.  The panels were my last upgrade but this time, I'm spending on a cart.  There are so many to choose from, collapsable, metal, ones that change configuration and others that will drive on any surface.  Weight should be a consideration but ultimately it was the fact that what I had, made me work harder.

None of us are getting any younger and if you are going to consider this as a living, make a list of tools to make it easier.  Things that are lighter (like the ProPanels Art Display), or move your items like a cart or even a car, updating your computer programs and computers themselves or purchasing that next easel that moves things around in new ways will all make sense.  I wouldn't recommend putting it all off for a rainy day.  Pay cash for it a little at a time, as you go.  As an artist, I like credit cards and I will take any a client wants to pay with but I don't recommend using them to purchase your whole set up outright.  You will be fighting an uphill battle the whole way, why weight your self down with credit card debt.  Save those baby's for things like medical emergencies and breakdowns.  I don't owe any money on any part of my display.  My prints, my greeting cards, framing and my equipment have all been paid for; one piece at a time.   

Give yourself permission to spend a little of what you earned, you deserve it.  Now if you excuse me, I need to pay some bills.  I'll be watching for my new cart to be delivered this week.